Feeling Loved

Recently I've been examining the reason why I like to take photos. Why, why why. What's the main goal here? Why am I sacrificing weekend hours, family time, and money to pursue it? Is it to build a business that will help support my family? Is it just filling a need to create something and get my mind off of motherhood for a few hours a week? Am I simply drawn to the challenge of mastering how a camera interacts with light? Yes, yes, and yes.

But I've realized my very favorite thing about taking pictures of families. It's to help people value themselves! Creating pictures can help people to see themselves like I see them, like their kids see them, like their spouse sees them. And it helps them realize that they're imperfect, but beautiful and valuable.  I don't think pictures are going to change anyone's life or anything, but it sure is great to take a moment and realize that someone loves you.

Well anyways, check out this beautiful family! They're great friends of mine, they're creative geniuses, and I love them.