Selling Sticks

The Ackermans have been our very best friends since we moved to LA almost five years ago. They're the first people we met when we drove into town looking for an apartment, and we lived right around the corner from them for that first year before either of us had kids. So many games of Killer Bunnies have been played and so many batches of cookies have been consumed with these friends! 

Their little boy Oskar is pure entertainment. You would think he's a celebrity for the amount of attention he gets wherever he goes. Never has their been a more outgoing child. This particular day he was collecting sticks and offering them to strangers. He started offering them at the price of one dollar, and he actually made two sales! He definitely has a future in business if he can sell sticks right off the ground. I was glad to be there to document Oskar earning his first honest dollar.

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