Barefoot wedding on top of a mountain

I shot my first wedding last week, and I'm so grateful to this bride and groom for the experience. I think on your photography website you're supposed to act like you know everything, but guess what? I don't! I'm still learning a lot every time I shoot. I was scared to death of this wedding! I'm okay with a family shoot where I'm in control the whole time, but with a wedding there are so many elements out my control! But I think they turned out beautiful, especially since with such a beautiful location and a majorly attractive bride and groom, you can't really go wrong :)

Here are a few great details about this adorable couple - they are outdoorsy and love to hike, and got engaged at this same wilderness park where they had their wedding. Their families have known each other their whole lives. He's a surfer and she's a yoga pro. Their wedding was relaxed, beautiful, and perfect for them. She walked down the aisle in bare feet and a thrift store wedding dress. (I'm way into thrift stores, and she's my thrifting hero for finding this dress!) They are the kindest, sweetest people, and look at the way they look at each other! I could hardly take a picture during the ceremony because my tears were flowing. Many happy times are ahead for these two.

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