Maternity photos with a puppy

I used to think I would never want to take maternity pictures. I'm comfortable with kids and silliness and I wasn't really drawn to the drama of maternity shots - like naked bellies in the sand and all that. But then I realized you don't have to have naked bellies in the sand, you can just take pictures of a couple who happen to be expecting a baby, and are really cute and in love, and also have an adorable dog.  So that's what we did here, and it was my favorite session ever. (And no offense to all those who like naked bellies in sand, we've all got our own style!)

Chelsea is an actress and is so not camera shy, so that made my job super easy, and we had a really good time! These guys were major troopers, they did anything I asked them to, including laying down in the stickiest thorns ever. You know the kind where you take one step into a patch of dry grass and suddenly it feels like you just dumped pins into your pants and socks? I'm pretty sure she's still probably pulling thorns out of that amazing dress. And you would never know from the pictures because she's laying there as if she's floating away on a fluffy cloud. Did I mention she's an actress? Anyways, here are the pictures. I dare you not to love these people.