Betsy Jean

These adorable people are good friends of ours, and I was so excited to get to meet their sweet little Betsy Jean. She's got the cutest little cowlick right in the front of that amazing head of hair. And the tiniest, skinniest, most perfect little rabbit feet. She never did settle down to sleep during the whole session, but that's the magic of photographing kids and babies - they're just going to do what they do, and you've just got to go with it. But the upside to this is that they don't freeze up in front of the camera, or feel weird about what their hands are doing, or suck in, or try to get you to point your camera on their "good side." They're just themselves! So honest. I love the vibe you get from Betsy's sisters in these pics - older sis is always adoring, just can't get enough of the newborn goodness and wants to eat Betsy for breakfast. Younger sis is pleased but unsure about not being the baby anymore. These are the little things I want to remember about my own family, and this is why I'm addicted to taking pictures.